Creative Cuisine and Chef Education – Creative Cuisine is intently the development of educating yourself to know each countries ingredients and the role-play of how their cuisine became to be. A chef’s education continues to develop and foster once you become to understand each product that is available in each country and homeland. Educating oneself is a growing process to Creative Cuisine and Chef Education.

Cuisine Design and Creative Cuisine – Cuisine is defined as a labor of love, bound by family, etched in love, and passed on to others who have the passion to cook and develop their technique. A characteristic and manner or style in preparing food the way a specific region will cook it. Creative Cuisine is how you develop and revise it, bring it to a higher potential.

Chef Certification – My books were based on my continued growth and love for food that has been passed down from generation to generation. The process to get where I am today was primarily through Chef certification from the American Culinary Federation. Certification is a gradual process in the profession to enhance your culinary skills and techniques. You also receive continuing education hours once you are certified. My books were based on becoming a chef and to teach others the same steps.

Culinary Competition and Hill Country News – In the process of my profession and culinary career, I had to develop my cooking techniques and compete to stay on the culinary edge. There are many books and references to competition salons and shows. It keeps you up to date on the changing times of culinary fusion. Your cooking skills and sanitation skills are based on what you can do. When I compete, I bring it back to my community in the Hill Country of Austin, Texas.

Contact Chef Thomas Ciapi – If you have any questions on my book, competitions, Cuisine, certification, continuing education, or consulting, please contact me.

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