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I enjoy helping others now in this profession since I have become older and matured in life. In my spare time, I will help other establishments in any given area of the culinary profession.

I try to help those who need to improve their menu, or menu design for their clients and to see what fits the nature of that given business.

I've worked with some establishments within the Hill Country surroundings and it gives me great gratitude to help in any way.

I am a mentor for Culinarians and Chef's who want to become Certified in the State of Texas. I am also a lead Evaluator for the American Culinary Federation that gets Chefs to become Certified. 

I've also worked in a nice hospital facilities, please read below what I have incorporated for them.

Blurb by Traci Miller
I read about Tom Ciapi in the Southwest Foodservice News. With his background in the healthcare and country club food industries, I hoped he would agree to help me at the new Hospital at Westlake Medical Center. I wanted simple recipes for a healthy, upscale menu. Chef Ciapi definitely delivered. His recipes, paired with our room service based food delivery, has provided for high satisfaction from patients and staff.

Traci Miller, RD, LD

Nutrition Manager

The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center

Tom Ciapi
Master Chef

Dear Tom,

When we first talked about a benefit dinner to raise funds for the youth group to help them get to Australia for World Youth Day in 2008, I had no idea what magic we were letting ourselves in for.

What a fantastic meal you prepared! Over a hundred people attended the dinner and show, and your menu was just as much of an attraction as the entertainment. People raved about the shrimp gumbo, loved the bread pudding with bourbon sauce, and lavishly complimented the entire meal. Every single person I’ve asked said they loved the food, and they thought the price of the ticket was money well spent. You managed to charm even the toughest critics in our midst, and that, believe me, takes some doing.

I was also personally impressed by how you took charge of our inexperienced group and turned them into effective servers and helpers with just a little coaching. You truly worked a miracle that night, and gave everyone an experience and memories that we will remember for a long time to come.

Thank you and God bless you,

John Donna

Adult Advisor,
St. Margaret Mary, World Youth Day Pilgrims

In my allocated spare time, I’m working more on becoming a personal chef to help those in need of certain diets, and nutritional cuisine. I specialize in healthy cuisine and can put together a diverse menu in your home for the week. I also work on special events at your home on as many courses you would like and to accommodate the menu with wines for each course. Two examples would be the following:

Click Menu to Enlarge
Personal Menu by Chef Tom Ciapi

My surrounding areas for service are the Houston metropolitan area, and also, the Texas Hill country. You may contact me through the website or (512)217-7279

What the Power of Years experience Provides!

Personal Menu by Chef Tom Ciapi

  • 41 Year Veteran Hospitality Service
  • 33 Year Veteran Certified Chef
  • Trust, Honesty, to the point, Results oriented
  • Committed to Excellence, Service, and Integrity
  • Custom Programs designed for Establishments
  • Established in Dietary needs
  • Front line help with Cost, Menu’s, Kitchen Design
  • People helping People in the Hospitality Industry


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